Abusharekh, Khalil

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Center for Public History, University of Houston; University of Houston Libraries, University of Houston
This is an oral history interview with Khalil Abusharekh conducted as part of the Houston History Project. Born in a refugee camp, Khalil Abusharekh spent over twenty years living in Gaza City. In this interview he begins by describing day to day life in Palestine, from punishments by Israeli soldiers to frequent curfews bestowed upon neighborhoods. After completing a degree in graphic design Khalil made a decision to seek work outside Gaza and found himself in the United Arab Emirates. In his travels, Khalil experienced prejudices faced by everyday Gazans in foreign Arab countries and calls passing through Jordan a “horrible experience.” Eventually Khalil obtained a student visa and settled in Houston, Texas and began to study film making at Houston Community College. Khalil is a self-proclaimed political activist and aims to shine a light on the conflicts in the Middle East through his work. He elaborates on two of his projects, both of them political, one tackling anti-Iraqi war sentiments and the other exploring the FOB “Fresh Off the Boat” concept usually associated with immigrants. Khalil also discusses his work with local cultural events such as the Palestinian Cultural Festival and gives his thought on the authenticity of the events and the modernization and proliferation of Middle Eastern culture as well as modern-day journalism and the impacts social media has had in the Middle East. Interviewer: Khalil Abusharekh.
Emigration and immigration; Palestinian Arabs; Palestinian Arabs; Abusharekh, Khalil
Houston, Texas
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