Reis, Kelyne

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Center for Public History, University of Houston; University of Houston Libraries, University of Houston
This is an oral history interview with Kelyne Reis conducted as part of the Houston History Project. In part 1 of the recordings, contemporary artist Kelyne Reis discusses her artistic career in Houston from 2009 onward. While Reis touches on her days in Germany, she primarily discusses her career in Houston and how Graffiti art has affected her life. She first explains that her initial impressions of Graffiti art and Graffiti art artists were incorrect after she met Gonzo. Reis explains how she learned the transience of Graffiti art. Reis recalled her days at the Wall of Fame in Houston, where she first practiced her spray-painting skills, and was exposed to the brevity of claiming a piece of wall, until someone took over it. Reis recalled her first assignment from Gonzo as having to create an alphabet that would be incorporated into her style. After recommending going to see the parking garage at the Houston Public Library, Reis speaks about Banksy as the most prominent Graffiti art artist, and the transition of Graffiti art’s acceptance. In part 2 of the recordings, Reis explains the incorporation of her figure into her paintings, and the opposition of words and illustrations she utilizes. Reis shows the Petite Embrace series she painted, and then spends time discussing the importance of color brightness. Reis explains how she paints her colors and the time it takes in painting. Reis tells about her piece hanging in the Houston Independent School District office and then touches on her requests for private lessons from Gonzo when she first arrived to Houston. In part 3 of the recordings, Reis discusses the difference between art and tagging. After speaking about a German subway station that showcased Graffiti art, Reis concludes by telling her ultimate goals. Interviewer: Nirma Haroon.
Arts; Graffiti art; Reis, Kelyne
Houston, Texas
Oral Histories from the Houston History Project
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